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Termites or „white ants” are social insects

They take care of their community and build complex hills collectively, some of them reaching surprising heights, even bigger than the human size. These aspects prove how intelligent they are. In this game termites use their strong abilities to create their hill.

Learn while having fun

The players roll the 5 dice once and use these figures, along with the math symbols from the cards, to obtain the number they selected from the game board, then position their piece on this number.

*Advice: the more cards with math symbols you use, the more points you will receive and advance faster on the score board!

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Are you passionate about board games?

Yes, we mean the board game.
The most pleasant way you can spend your time is a board game with friends or family. board game SMART-T is the perfect choice, being a game suitable for both age groups. SMART-T puts the mind to work, it’s fun, but at the same time educational, hence our slogan: Learn while having fun!
The board game comes equipped with everything you need: board (also called termite mound) 5 dice, 20 pawns (termites) in 10 different colors. 5 pieces with the symbol 0 (decimal), cards with the following mathematical symbols: (4) + , (4) – , (4) x , (4) and last but not least the rules (here you can find all the information you need for the board range and its rules.

Game elements


pieces (termites) of 10 different colours
(2 of the same colour)




cards with the following math symbols:
(4) + , (4) - , (4) x , (4)


pieces of 0 symbol
(decimal number)


game board
the termites hill



Get rid of the monotony and liven up the evenings spent with friends or family with the Smart-T board game.
How can you enjoy the evenings spent with your family?
With the board game Smart-T!

It is a perfect board game for kids, teens and adults. It is a perfect way to develop and test your mathematical knowledge and strategic abilities.
Adults or children, board games guarantee us fun and memories for a lifetime. Board games are games with simple rules and lots of communication.

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